Liberties Press Submissions Policy

There are approximately 100,000 new books published in English every year, with a further 600,000 self-published – many of which never see the light of a bookshop. In this environment, the publisher provides a unique service to the author: editorial, promotion, design work, as well as attention and care. Unfortunately, these things all have to be paid for – and the traditional retail book trade remains a challenging commercial environment. For these reasons, from 15 July 2016 onward, Liberties Press is introducing a charge for submissions of €100 (or foreign-currency equivalent; €50 for the unwaged) for every manuscript. Submissions should still be in hard copy, with a minimum of three chapters (though preferably a full script), a synopsis, and a covering letter. Material sent by recognised literary agents will still be considered for publication for no fee, but all others require a cheque or money order (made payable to Liberties Press) to be attached. Those that do not will receive a standard email response; those that do will be considered carefully, and a report, of at least one page, will be sent to the author, providing a critical assessment of the manuscript, comments on commercial possibilities, and suggestions for next steps (including, where appropriate, publication by Liberties Press). Further comment from the author will also be responded to.

I am not aware of any other publisher that operates in this way, and there may be some authors, and other publishers, who disagree with our approach. They are of course free not to send material our way. However, we have a hard-earned reputation as an innovative and successful publisher, and we believe that in a few years, this will be standard practice among publishers. We receive hundreds of unsolicited submissions every year, and if this policy results in the number declining, that will be no bad thing. We hope it will encourage authors to think carefully before submitting material to us, and to value the work we do.

Sean O’Keeffe

Publisher, Liberties Press



Liberties Press publishes from a range of sources and is committed to promoting and developing new talent. We accept unsolicited submissions for non-fiction and fiction throughout the year. 

If you are planning on submitting your work to Liberties Press, please take note of the following:

  • Liberties Press publishes primarily for the Irish market and urges those submitting to ensure their work is in line with our current list.  
  • We prefer hard-copy submissions. If you require these to be returned, please ensure you enclose a correctly stamped SAE. 
  • Please do not send original photographs, documents, illustrations, etc. We accept no responsibility for the loss of such items. 


Submission Requirements 

We require the following to be enclosed with submissions: 


  • Cover letter 
  • Three sample chapters, ideally from introduction, middle and end 
  • Chapter outline for the rest of the book 
  • An outline of the book's sales opportunities 
  • Any potential sponsorship partners or avenues 
  • Author biography, including details on any other published work or media experience
  • Fee of €100 (€50 for unwaged)


  • Cover letter 
  • First three chapters and a full synopsis 
  • If manuscript is not completed, an outline of the book's intended finish 
  • Author biography, including details on any other published work or media experience 
  • Fee of €100 (€50 for unwaged)


Submit to 

Liberties Press
140 Terenure Road North
Dublin 6W X433