Suicide: A Modern Obession


Suicide: A Modern Obession


'Meticulously grounded in research, this book should be read not just by those directly affected by suicide, but by all those who have to face it in the course of their work.'
Irish Independent

'Beautifully written. It manages to retain sophistication in its discussion of this very complex area.'
Australasian Psychiatry

'A thought-provoking, challenging and deeply insightful journey into the dark heart of suicide.'
—Dr Harry Barry

'This book is a first class analysis of a complex problem.'
Tuam Herald

Are we obsessed today with the idea of suicide? Is it possible to prevent suicide – and, if so, how? Should we try to prevent all suicides, or are there some that we should allow, regulate, even assist? Might some suicides be rational?

How are families affected by suicide? What can they do if a family member is suicidal? How can they cope after a suicide? Are doctors able to identify which pregnant women are at high risk of killing themselves? Would allowing these women to have abortions make them less likely to kill themselves?

In this wide-ranging review and analysis of historical and scientific research on the topic of suicide, authors Derek Beattie and Dr Patrick Devitt take an unflinching and often chillingly rational look at these questions and many others. 

Derek Beattie is a social researcher based in Dublin. He has worked in a variety of research, policy and regulatory agencies in the mental-health and disability sectors.

Dr Patrick Devitt is a consultant psychiatrist in Dublin. He has also worked in the United States and has a depth of experience over a wide range of medical and other areas. His main interests are in community psychiatry, occupational psychiatry and psychiatric ethics. In his professional career, he has dealt with the misery and hardship of suicide from the viewpoints of suicidal patients and their families, as well as professional staff.

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