Oh When the Saints

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Oh When the Saints


The remarkable new novel from Vermont poet Peter Money

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Publication date: 15 May 2019

'“Hyper-aware Denny, a young American in Dublin, makes his tentative way towards adulthood with a supporting cast of oddball friends. Denny hopes for a big love, the ‘girl named Ireland’. Akin to a Joycean ramble, Oh When the Saints follows a sensitive boy on the reluctant verge of manhood, who cannot help endlessly analysing his own - and others' - place in the stream of life. His heart is ‘a sack of air’ until he meets a trainee librarian with ambitions to be wild. This is a strange, elliptical novel of ideas, told in punchy, poetic prose; Peter Money's is a vivid, fresh and welcome voice.'
Nuala O'Connor, author of Joyride to Jupiter

“Young Denny follows sounds and sensations in the hope of a bright future. A great city clutter has to be negotiated. Finding love is a small miracle. Keeping his eye to the kaleidoscope, Peter Money writes with artistry and invention.”
—Philip Davison, author of Eureka Dunes

“To say Peter Money's Oh When The Saints is beautifully written doesn't give this multi-faced, humane, and profoundly moving book justice. But damnit I'll say it. This book is beautifully written, from start to finish. There were so many times I simply re-read a sentence for the sheer joy of its cadence. Listen to this: ‘How can a girl cultivate gladness after sorrow? Come flood, come drought, come storms of circumstance or unexpected pain, Kath made glad-rags from decimated suits.’ A poet, a novelist, Money is the rare fusion. I savored the deeply felt human connections that animate this novel. May the Saint (and Denny, Kath, Nuala, and the others) live on.’
—Peter Orner, author of Love and Shame and Love, editor of Underground America

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