Welcome to liberties press

Founded in 2003, Liberties Press is Ireland's leading independent publisher. Over the decade and a half since we set sail, we have seen governments, fashions, booms and busts come and go. When we started, books were available only from bookshops, e-mail was a relatively recent development, and social media non-existent. We have changed with the times, but our commitment to publishing the best writing around, hasn’t. We’ve never taken so much money from anyone as to be beholden to them, and stand by the maxim that applies to most people working in creative sectors: the work is under-appreciated, underpaid – and important.

We have released around 300 titles – non-fiction, fiction and poetry – by some of Ireland's leading writers. Notable authors include Michael D Higgins (New & Selected Poems, Causes for Concern and Renewing the Republic), Lara Marlowe (The Things I’ve Seen and Painted With Words), Garret FitzGerald (Ireland in the World and Just Garret), Eileen Battersby (Second Readings), John Montague (The Pear Is Ripe), Jan Carson (Malcolm Orange Disappears and Children’s Children), Caitriona Lally (Eggshells) and Philip Davison (Eureka Dunes). We are proud to have provided a platform for people from diverse backgrounds before it became de rigueur to do so.

Our books and authors have won numerous awards, including the Christopher Ewart-Biggs Prize, the Goldsboro Award, the Rooney Prize and Dublin 1 City 1 Book, and been published in various languages.

Our titles are generally available as both books and e-books, but we prefer books. We do our best to make them attractive physical products that will stand the test of time, as well as conveyors of entertaining, stimulating or thought-provoking words and images. With this in mind, we also sell rare books from other publishers, and framed prints and other artworks.

We believe that publishing should be playful, provocative – and not po-faced.
We send good books out into the world, every day. There are worse things.