Welcome to liberties press

Founded in 2003, Liberties Press is Ireland's leading independent publisher.

We have released around 300 titles – non-fiction, fiction and poetry – by some of Ireland's leading thinkers, poets and politicians.
Notable authors include Michael D Higgins (New & Selected Poems, Causes for Concern, Renewing the Republic), Lara Marlowe (The Things I’ve Seen, Painted With Words), Garret FitzGerald (Ireland in the World, Jus Garret), Eileen Battersby (Second Readings) and John Montague (The Pear Is Ripe, A Ball of Fire).

Our books have won numerous awards, including the Christopher Ewart-Biggs Prize, the Goldsboro Award, and Dublin 1 City 1 Book, and been published in French, German, Hungarian and Polish – as well as English.

Our titles are available as books and e-books, but we prefer books. (Just don't call them "p-books".)

We believe that publishing should be playful, provocative – and not po-faced.
We send good books out into the world, every day. There are worse things.