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‘An impressive debut collection. . . . Ashfeldt’s writing is consistently confident and wide-ranging. Like the stars in the final story, her literary debut shines brightly, making little points of light in the still water ahead of her as well as in the sky above.’
Incubator journal

‘A pearl of a book full of beautiful short stories’
—Kate Brown, editor of The View From Here literary magazine

’Wonderful stories by an instinctive writer. Vivid, sensuous and simply bursting with vitality.’
—Sue Leonard, Irish Examiner

’With crystalline prose, sentence by neat sentence, Lane Ashfeldt tells her stories of love, wavering trust and loss. The sea shimmers through SaltWater, as threatening and beautiful as many of the characters who walk the pages. A gorgeous collection by a bright talent.’
—Nuala Ní Chonchuir

‘Lane Ashfeldt's short story collection SaltWater embodies the sea that everywhere splashes about its digital pages – it is fresh, powerful and natural, with an ever present sense of danger. ‘You had to be ready for the sea because, if not, then the sea would be ready for you.’
—Alice Walsh, The Bohemyth

‘As a collection, SaltWater is a deeply evocative, deeply impressive debut.’
—John Lavin, Wales Arts Review

‘Book of the Month: A debut collection of beautifully written, award-winning short stories from coastal areas around the world. A perfect book to dip in and out of during lazy days on the beach this summer.’
Coast magazine

SaltWater is a collection of more than a dozen short stories, set in a sweep of coastal areas around the world, from Sherkin Island in County Cork to the faraway shores of New Zealand. Taking place against a backdrop of foam and brine, of shipwrecks and storms, the stories are often inspired by real events, both contemporary and historical. Veering between family tragedy, the excitement of teen love and short, sharp observations of daily life, SaltWater brings to life the rich tapestry of the human experience.

Included in this collection are several stories that have been shortlisted for or have won fiction prizes. 'Catching the Tap-Tap to Cayes de Jacmel' won the Global Short Story Prize, UK. 'Dancing on Canvey' won the Fish Short Histories Prize, Ireland. 'SaltWater' was shortlisted for the HG Wells Prize, UK. This collection, SaltWater, was longlisted for the 2014 Frank O'Connor Short Story prize.

Lane Ashfeldt's short fiction has been published by, Southword Journal, The London Magazine, Identity Theory, and Aesthetica, among other places. Stories by Ashfeldt have won the Fish Short Histories Proze and Global Short Story Prize, and been shortlisted for the Jane Austen and HG Wells short story prizes. She can be found on Twitter as @ashfeldt.

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