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Dangerous Pity


Dangerous Pity tells the story of Sebastian Clare, a well-known author living in the south of France, who is slowly coming to terms with the death of his mother. Onto the scene arrives the impish Ursula, a former student, who quickly insinuates herself into his life.

Sebastian casts his mind back to the time when he and his wife, Claudia, had taken on a driver who became a menacing presence. Ursula continues her parasitic existence in Sebastian's life until events take a dramatic turn.

Elizabeth Wassell superbly depicts a rich cast of characters, and captures the city of Nice in all its varied moods. Its central characters mix desire, regret, grief and obsession in a heady cocktail, and the descriptions of Nice and its cultural landscape are beautifully intriguing.

About the Author 

Elizabeth Wassell was born in New York and now divides her time between County Cork and Nice, France. She is the author of The Honey Plain (1997, Wolfhound Press), Sleight of Hand (1999, Merlin Publishing), and The Thing He Loves (2001, Brandon).

In addition, her short stories have appeared in various publications, including the Dublin Review and the Irish Times. She divides her time between West Cork and Nice where she lives with her husband John Montague.

ISBN: 9781905483983

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