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Culture Club Event: Upcycling by Design: Creating Heirlooms for the Future

 Creative ideas...

Creative ideas...

Lynn Haughton founder of The Upcycle Movement will talk about using handcraft skills to reuse/remake old and shabby articles into something beautiful to love and keep; preserving traditional skills for the future.

Lynn says:

Upcycling may be a relatively new term but it is not a new concept - it simply got lost in modern day consumerism, convenience & society's throw away mindset. To upcycle something is simply to re-purpose something that would otherwise be considered waste & to 'up' its value and quality by doing so. The difference between upcycling and recycling is that when you recycle something - generally the components are broken down and the result is an item of lesser quality eg: recycled paper....I have been living, breathing and dreaming about The Upcycle Movement organisation and the opportunities that I hope it will create - the doors it may open, the waste solutions, and the ideas & designs it may inspire.

We are proud to announce that this event is an official Heritage Week activity . Please check out the Heritage Week page for many more events and activities.

This event will be at the special price of €4 and booking is advised so that we can be sure of numbers. Just follow the link to book using our online shop (Tickets category) or call into the shop to buy a ticket.