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Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy, Tom Clonan, Liberties Press Where the Streets Have 2 Names, Patrick Brocklebank, Liberties Press SaltWater, Lane Ashfeldt, Liberties Press
Our Price: €12.99
In a journey that begins and ends in Ireland, Tom Clonan takes us from Shannon Airport, to Iraq, Syria and Guantanamo Bay, detailing the personal and professional aspects of serving in the Irish Armed Forces.

Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy is about more than the details of the Global War on Terror: it is a courageous, first-hand account of life on and off duty, confronting the dark secrets as well as the power of love in the fight against the threat of terrorism.
Where the Streets Have 2 Names offers an intriguing insight into previously unseen photos of the legendary band U2, alongside unheard stories from their early days. It also documents the vibrant music and cultural scene in Dublin at that time. This book is both a celebration of an iconic band and a superb evocation of the Dublin of thirty years ago. A must-have gift for all U2 fans and music lovers!

Set against the effervescent, majestic backdrop of the sea, SaltWater is a gorgeous debut collection of short stories from highly acclaimed author Lane Ashfeldt. Included in this stand out collection are several award winning stories including Dancing on Canvey, winner of Fish Short Histories Prize in Ireland.

Five Steps to Happiness, Learning to Explore & Understand your Emotional Mind A Model Partner, Daniel Seery, Liberties Press Own Our Oil, Eddie Hobbs, Liberties Press
A Model Partner
Our Price: €13.99

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Do you ever feel afraid, anxious or even depressed? Would you like to feel more in control of your emotions? Five Steps to Happiness offers steps to overcome certain behavioural patterns and also removes the stigma that can be associated with conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Quirky, deeply entertaining, poignant and rife with comic moments, A Model Partner is a novel like no other. Jump in and meet the wonderfully unique character of Tom Stacey, a man searching for a long-lost love and companionship, who climbs into your head, lands with a thump, and lingers for a long while after.

In Own Our Oil: The Fight for Irish Economic Freedom, Eddie Hobbs shines a light on the exploitation that surrounds Ireland’s oil and gas reserves. Eddie and his team of experts illustrate their ideal economic model for a healthy and prosperous Ireland, in contrast to the current management of oil and gas reserves in Ireland.