Making the home a suitable place to work

Among the many joys of being a writer, an important one is the ability to work from home. Over half of Irish businesses now provide a cloud service, allowing employees to work remotely. The freedom involved with not having to commute to work or find a place to get lunch leaves more time to be creative and produce great art. However, home can be a dangerous place, where productivity is low. To get the most out of your home workspace, you need to keep it clean and organised. Read on to find out why cleaning is so important and how to keep your home to an office standard.

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The Importance of Cleanliness

A dirty environment inside your home could have significant effects on the quality and rate of your work. Of course, unclean workspaces will mean a higher possibility of germs spreading, causing you to take more time off. However, it is not just visible dirt which is a problem.

Sick building syndrome is a medical condition caused by dirty air. The pollutants in your home can make it hard to breathe, inhibiting oxygen flow to the brain, which you need to be productive and creative. Check the ventilation system in your home to improve air quality. Although impossible to remove completely, you can also avoid skin problems by reducing mould. Take time to deal with these less visible health risks.

The Decluttering Process

There is fierce debate around whether a cluttered desk improves creativity or not. However, it is known that a lack of organisation can slow work rate. Find a space that can be dedicated to work and remove any irrelevant items. This way, you will quickly be able to find that important document to finish off your story.

Your space should be somewhere you feel comfortable, so for each person, the level of decluttering will be different. If a completely sterilised environment makes you uneasy, then don’t worry! You can keep some level of mess. However, if you find yourself uncomfortable in your home office due to clutter, then remove it. Remember, the more items you have, the more dust there will be and the less healthy and alert you will feel.

Creative types are known to be a bit messier than others, but consider whether this is affecting your productivity. If you are spending the vast majority of your time inside your home, then you need to ensure you are breathing the cleanest air. This means improving ventilation and getting rid of mould. Decluttering can help to keep dust levels down while providing an environment conducive to productivity and focus.