Top 5 Albums From Buried Treasure Volume 1 to Get You Pumped For Volume 2!


Guest post by Craig Marshall

Buried Treasure: Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowned Albums by Dan Hegarty (published in 2015) featured over 200 albums that just skimmed by the mainstream musical ears. The book features ebullient descriptions of albums alongside images of album artwork ,with comments from the band on the process of creating the album. With the success garnered from this release of his book, Dan decided to make a second volume of more musical treasures Buried Treasure Volume 2 this time with extra features such as an interview with musical legends The B-52's and Paul Draper from Mansun.

 Invite to the book launch of Buried Treasure: Volume 2

Invite to the book launch of Buried Treasure: Volume 2


Buried Treasure Volume 2 is published on Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30pm, at The Parlour in Whelan's music venue.

In honor of the release of Volume 2, here are my Top 5 albums featured from the original Buried Treasure


1. R.E.M. - New Adventures In Hi-Fi

We all know 80's alternative rock band R.E.M. from they're iconic hits Losing my Religion and Orange Crush, but this album is what really broke through the creative spectrum for the band. The record features a nice contrast of a softer, more acoustic side, alongside a heavier rock and roll side. The variety of songs and the way the album was recorded is what I think makes in one of the best out of the book.  New Adventures in Hi-Fi was recorded while the band was on tour, a time when the members are at a mix of feuding and bonding which I feel really gives the album a lot of emotion. Definitely don't want to miss out on this one.

2. Aslan - Feel No Shame

Of course author Dan Hegarty had to include the Irish pop rock group Aslan. Feel No Shame was their debut album that took the 80's by storm, but stopped prematurely. The record features catchy choruses that will stay lingering in your head for hours! Songs like This Is and Loving Me Lately were anthems for the generation of the time. The album is arguably the greatest debut album of any Irish rock band, including U2.

3. Donny Hathaway - Live

Wow is all I have to say! It blows my mind how someone with as much funk and soul as Donny Hathaway didn't blow wide open into the main stream. This album is up there with some of the greatest RnB albums released. The album starts off with a grooving rendition of a Marvin Gaye classic Whats Going On to get you in the mood. Venture through songs like The Ghetto and You've Got a Friend before you hit the closing song Voices Inside (Everything's Everything) to leave the listener with a funk groove that will keep there head bobbing for days.  

4. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

One of the older albums featured in the book, A Love Supreme is a staple record for any jazz lover but could of been easily overlooked by any ordinary music lover.  Featuring the virtuoso John Coltrane on the sax, the album is a short four track instrumental featuring each song linking into the next to make the whole album come together as a whole. Mr. Coltrane devotes the album to God, who he referred to as "The Love Supreme", to give you a sense of the strong emotions that went into making the album.  

5. Almost Famous OST

Almost Famous, a movie about a teen journalist following the fictional band Stillwater, features a soundtrack worthy of being featured in Buried Treasure Volume 1.  The soundtrack for the film contains all classics from the 60's/70's and will appeal to any fans of the musical era. With featured slower songs like Cat Stevens' The Wind or Simon and Garfunkel's America to faster tracks like The Who's Sparks or Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man, the record all contains live tracks from The Allman Brothers and David Bowie. A great treat for anybody who fancies a a good movie with an even better soundtrack.

For More Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowned Albums Buried Treasure Vol. 2 is available 22/09/16