Diana Bunici Wins ‘Attitude Changer’ Award!

Diana Bunici, author of The Pursuit of Awesome, won the ‘Attitude Changer’ award at U Magazine’s #30under30 Award Ceremony last evening.

Photo cred: @DeeBTweets

"It's such an honour to win the U Magazine 30 Under 30, Attitude Changer award,” Diana writes. “The entire evening was a fantastic celebration of women from all walks of life and fields and it was wonderful to feel so much support from the sisterhood. I'm delighted with my award and it shall take pride of place on my mantelpiece!”

This has been a whirlwind year for the broadcaster, writer and author, who published her first novel The Pursuit of Awesome in March of 2016. U Magazine’s #30under30 Awards features the most celebrated young women of Ireland, with awards spanning from “Best Comedian” to “Social Entrepreneur.”

“To be recognised for your work is lovely,” Diana says. “And although I didn't write The Pursuit of Awesome with winning awards in mind, it's certainly a lovely feeling knowing your work has been noticed and appreciated! Without sounding too cheesy, it's proof that hard work pays off and that with determination, persistence and perseverance, you can achieve your goals!”

Congratulations Diana, and to all #30under30 Award winners!