Book Review: Will You Be My Friend?

We're absolutely delighted to have launched our first children's poetry book, Will You Be My Friend? by Gabriel Fitzmaurice, at Listowel Writers' Week! As an extra treat, Éabha Lawlee, who performed some beautiful songs and readings for us at the launch, has written a lovely review of this new poetry collection. We hope you enjoy it!

I really enjoyed this book of poems, Will You Be My Friend? by Gabriel Fitzmaurice. I liked it because many of the poems are funny, lots of them are short and I never got tired of reading them. Her First Flight is one poem I love to read over and over again. I love the way the little girl keeps changing the subject! It's easy to imagine it because that's the way little children really talk. 

I love the rhyming of the poems and that's what makes me enjoy them so much.

The poem I'm Proud to Be Me makes me feel that all children are unique and special. I like reading the poems by myself but I also love when my mom reads them aloud. The poem Chasing the Rainbow is very realistic and it tells you that you will never find the end of a rainbow. The poems First Day at School and School Tour are very funny. In School Tour, children are shouting that they need to go to the toilet, which is what would happen on a bus! 

Some of the poems are a bit sad but Gabriel makes them a bit happy too so they are not too sad.

The Carol is a lovely poem. It describes twinkling stars and it makes me feel magical and reminds me of Christmas. The poem Christmas is very exciting too and gives me a warm, happy feeling. In the Chipper is a really funny poem, I really enjoyed that poem and the Tongue Twisters poem because I like the way they are a bit rude!

The book as a whole is great because you can pick it up and just read one poem if that's all you feel like or as many as you are in the mood for! There is a poem for every mood you're in. I think this book is suitable for ages 6-13, but adults will love the poems too.

Review by Éabha Lawlee, age 10


 Éabha Lawlee pictured here with Gabriel Fitzmaurice.

Éabha Lawlee pictured here with Gabriel Fitzmaurice.