Jan Carson wins Harper's Bazaar short story competition.

Jan Carson has just won joint first place in Harper's Bazaar Short Story Competition, 2016, with Proper Order, and we are over the moon for her!

Just last week the marvelously talented Jan was nominated for the Best Short Story in The Saboteur Awards -read our blog post here.

In her new collection Children's Children, Jan uses magical realism to explore and elaborate on familial ties and heartaches of all proportions. In her short story for Harper's Bazaar 'Proper Order', she revisits memory, love and loss in everyday objects and gestures. Proper Order has elements of beauty and sadness that will keep you immersed in this utterly unique story. A family plucks diamonds from envelopes over the breakfast table, while their grandmother's memory slips through their fingers. 

Take a look if you have a chance. You won't regret it.