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'We're delighted to present our strongest-ever autumn list. The lavishly illustrated Brand New Retro, a trip down memory lane via advertisements from the 1960s onwards, is set to be the year's best-selling gift book. An Obstacle Confusion, a collection of hilarious stories featuring Barney McKenna, written by Jim McCann of The Dubliners (who passed away earlier this year) and superbly illustrated by Wendy Shea, is a treat for fans of the iconic folk band. An Island Community is a stunning, and comprehensive, survey of the history, folklore and language of the Great Blasket Island, in a new translation from the Irish by Gabriel Fitzmaurice. Liberties Press continues its mission of tackling challenging current-affairs subjects with A Violation Against Women, Kathleen Ward's harrowing account of her experiences at the hands of Dr Michael Neary. In Behind the Mask, renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr Patrick Treacy traces his fascinating life and medical career, including a spell in jail in Saddam Hussein's Iraq and his experiences treating Michael Jackson before his untimely death. We continue to push the boundaries with Bare, a collection of Irish women's sexual fantasies which The Sunday Times has already described as groundbreaking. The autumn list is rounded off by two outstanding novels: Frankie Gaffney's gripping gangland debut Dublin Seven, and Echowave, the concluding part in Joe Joyce's remarkable Second World War Echoland trilogy.'


FICTION – Short Stories
Sifting: Uncle Ned and Other Stories
by Mike Mac Domhnail

Immersing readers in rural Ireland, Sifting: Uncle Ned and Other Stories is an unique collection of fifteen short stories full of singing and laughing, pranks and family disputes, desperation and comfort. Marked by an authenticity of character and dialogue, and peppered with references to Irish history and culture, Mike Mac Domhnaill’s distinctive voice and prose-poetry-like makes the visceral pain of grieving real, and forcefully reminds readers of the disconnect between memory and reality, and how that disparity has its own healing power.

Pub. Date: September 2015 | 9781909718401 |    12.99|£9.99



Behind the Mask: The Extraordinary Story of the Irishman Who Became Michael Jacksons Doctor
by Dr Patrick Treacy

Behind the Mask is the exceptional story of a boy from a small Irish village who became an adventurer, a humanitarian and a doctor to the stars. Part travelogue, part thriller, part celebrity tell-all, you’ve never read anything quite like it. Central to this memoir is Treacy’s personal journey: his efforts to escape the Troubles, cope with the fear that he might have contracted HIV, gain closure for his lost love and defend Michael Jackson’s legacy. Fiercely gripping and full of surprises, Behind the Mask is a whirlwind of adventure and a fascinating insight into the colourful life of Dr Patrick Treacy. 

Pub. Date: October 2015 | 9781910742044


An Obstacle Confusion: The Wonderful World of Barney McKenna
by Jim McCann, illustrated by Wendy Shea

'Barney sometimes marched to a different drummer than the rest of us, and these surreal verbal gems have become known as "Barneyisms".' Jim McCann

Barney McKenna, ‘Banjo Barney from Donnycarney’, was one of the founder members of The Dubliners, also famous for another reason: he was capable of bringing any conversation to a sudden stop by uttering something so completely unexpected, and at the time so incomprehensible, as to reduce everyone present to a bemused silence. An Obstacle Confusion, compiled by the late Jim McCann and beautifully illustrated by Wendy Shea, is a collection of Barney's stories, which are told and swapped with great relish. This book is for those who are already dyed-in-the-wool Dubliners fans, and for whom Barney's name immediately conjures up the image of the burly, bearded banjo genius that dazzled the audience with his virtuosity while charming them with his folksy, no-nonsense personality. 

Pub. Date: 22 October 2015 | 9781910742150 €14.99 | £9.99



FICTION - Historical
by Joe Joyce

In Echowave, the third and final volume of Joe Joyce’s successful and critically acclaimed Echoland series, Paul Duggan is on a secret mission to Portugal to uncover German intentions towards neutral Ireland and, even more secretly, to find out who had informed the Americans of an Irish Minister's undiplomatic comments while in Lisbon on his way to Washington to plead for arms. Duggan and his colleagues find themselves in a complex game of diplomacy and disinformation as politicians in Ireland and America fall out and the spy agencies of Germany, Britain and the United States manoeuvre for political and military advantage. With the help of his Special Branch friend, Peter Gifford, he tries to unravel the plots and avoid the pitfalls. To do so he has to return to Lisbon, the war's spy centre, where the interlocking intrigues threaten the future of Ireland's relations with America, put its neutrality at risk, and ultimately threaten his own life and that of the woman he loves. 

Pub. Date:  October 2015 | 9781910742136 13.99|£9.99

An Island Community: The Ebb and Flow of the Great Blasket Island
By Mícheál de Mórdha Translated by Gabriel Fitzmaurice

An Island Community: The Ebb and Flow of the Great Blasket Island is a voluminous social history of the abandoned Great Blasket Island, off which touches on its history, culture and folklore. Written in Irish by Mícheál de Mórdha and published by Gabriel Fitzmaurice as the wild south west coast of Ireland, it has now been translated into English for the first time by Gabriel Fitzmaurice. This is an enthralling story of a remote insular community's fight against the authorities, the elements and meagre survival on land and sea in a struggle for existence and independence in the face of privations, poverty and persecution. 

Pub. Date: December 2015 | 9781910742143 29.99|£21.99



Bare: Irish Women's Sexual Fantasies
edited by Julianne Daly

Bare: Irish Women's Sexual Fantasies seeks to reveal the most intimate sexual fantasies of women living in Ireland and strives to shine a spotlight on a topic that was once (and unfortunately, often still is) considered taboo. Opening a new dialogue on women's sexuality, the stories vary from the mild, to the surprising, to the provocative, with many beautifully written, providing a riveting glimpse into the modern women's innermost sexual thoughts. Hopefully, bringing together the sexual fantasies of these women will start a conversation about sex, how women in this country think about it, and how they want it. 

Pub. Date: October 2015 | 9781910742051 | 14.99|£10.99


Behind the Mask

Dublin Seven
by Frankie Gaffney

Dublin Seven is the gritty, violent, sometimes raunchy story of eighteen-year-old Shane coming up as a small- time cocaine dealer in Dublin. Having just left school and keen to assert his independence, Shane loses himself in the tail end of Celtic Tiger nightlife. Through a chance meeting with a local gangster, he sets himself up in business. 

Soon, Shane’s life is drugs, dance music, gangsters – and a beautiful girlfriend. But as the Celtic Tiger fades, so does Shane’s luck. The threats multiply, his paranoia builds and the violence creeps closer.

Dublin Seven is a provocative coming-of-age tale set in gangland culture, a story correlative to that of Love/Hate, offering the reader an explosive and vivid glimpse into the criminal underworld of Dublin.

 Pub. Date: 9 October 2015 | 9781910742112 13.99|£9.99





A Violation Against Women
by Kathleen Ward

Kathleen Ward was one of the many women on whom Dr Michael Neary performed hysterectomies, without their consent, at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda. In this powerful memoir, she recounts the devastating impact that the operation had on her - and how she successfully rebuilt her life following the procedure. A Violation Against Women is a compelling story of how one woman dealt with a devastating loss – and successfully took on the medical establishment. 

Pub. Date: 29 October 2015 | 9781910742129 17.99|£12.99





Brand New Retro
by Brian McMahon

For Brand New Retro, Brian McMahon and Joe Collins have come together to fuse a smorgasbord of images and information that embodies iconic Irish pop culture. The result is a beautiful compendium of Irish pop culture magazine scans since the 1960s featuring hundreds of rare images, adverts and articles on Irish youth culture, encompassing music, fashion, TV, sport, design and advertising. Assembled by the creator of the multi-award-winning web-site, Liberties Press are delighted to return these gems of print ephemera to their former glory by reproducing them in printed form in this book. 

Pub. Date: 12 November 2015 | 9781910742174 29.99|£24.99



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