We're crowdfunding: A Book on Barney McKenna of the Dubliners

A Story from the book

One Day Barney was looking rather dishevelled and one of the others took him to ask over his appearance. 'For God's sake, Barney, you should tidy yourself up a bit,' he said, 'You've even got some of this mornings breakfast in your beard!' Barney tried unsuccessfully to look down at his beard, and asked 'What is it?' 'It looks like egg', he was told. Barney shook his head. 'No, he said judiciously', 'That's yesterday's.'

We're excited to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for An Obstacle Confusion: The Wonderful World of Barney McKenna went live last week. The book, compiled by the late Jim McCann and illustrated by Wendy Shea, a long-time friend of Barney. An Obstacle Confusion is a collection of stories about Barney McKenna, banjo player, fisherman, farmer and brilliant storyteller and one of the founding member of The Dubliners. 

The campaign has started off wonderfully but there's still some way to go. With your help, we hope to publish An Obstacle Confusion this autumn. 

Find all the information on the book and the campaign here.

We would really appreciate your support and are sure you'll love the book once we'll get it to you.  There are lots of great rewards for our funders, too, including an invitation to the launch and free postage to anywhere in the world.

Last but not least to all those who've already donated: Thanks a million!