HAPPY National Poetry Day!

Poetry is one of the longest surviving forms of writing to date – from the Odyssey in 800 BC to Beowulf in 700 AD, to Shakespeare's writing in the 16th century and to W.B. Yeats in the 1800s – poetry inspires creativity and passion expressed through such few lines. Not only does poetry play on culture but it also addresses the sublime that is exposed throughout such a short narrative.

Liberties Press is proud to have embraced this form of prose, having published over ten titles over the past decade. Our most recent collection, Liam Ryan's What's Happening In The Shade, has been championed by two of Ireland's most respected poets, Theo Dorgan and Thomas McCarthy. Theo said of the collection:

"To walk a fine instructed line between the ordinary and the sophisticated is no easy thing, but Liam Ryan is at ease in himself walking that line. He has a fresh eye for the muck and clabber of country life, for things in their standing and in their falling, and he has an eye, too, for the world of work, the miracles and letdowns that can attend the fulfilment of small duties. You could build a wall out of one of Ryan’s poems, or cross a field knowledgeably, or give a haircut — you  can learn about love here, you can come to terms with death in these poems, and you can stand quietly, listening, as he holds conversations (and holds his own) with Lorca, Szymborska, Kavanagh and many more. "

Thomas McCarthy proclaimed it 

"The work of a true artist. In decades ahead it'll be one of the books we'll pick up again and again. A joy to read."

You can read more about  What's Happening in the Shade here In honour of National Poetry Day, here is Liam Ryan's 'Of Poetry'


Of Poetry

the sun crouching low

angled a pane of burnt light;


the train gathering speed

slung a full bucket of sound;


a sheet flapping and slapping

caught a full sail of wind;


nervous mouseleaves

scurried across the road;


the pigeon's singular applause

its clapped-out routine;


a cloud of skittish starlings

blackened out the whole field;


the sea coming and going

frothed its hems on the sand;


her face in the rearview mirror

wore a blindfold of light;


the goosepimple rash

sprinkled across the nightsky;


the calfwords kicking their heels

bouncing in the abundant fields.


We are also proud to have published wonderfully diverse collections by talented poets such as Moyra Donaldson, Gabriel Fitzmaurice and Maurice Craig, among others.  You can read more about their work here.