Meet Donna Kennedy, author of Born to be Beautiful.

You've had an inspirational past, starting from setting up your own company aged 23, to publishing a book in 2012 on first-time house buying (here) . How would you compare your experience as a motivational speaker to your experience as an author?

I love both. I teach people how to write books ( and one of the main things I tell people is to write what you know and feel comfortable with. I am a good speaker and have coached people for nearly 20 years. As such, I know my topics very well. My focus is motivational books and they go hand-in-hand with what I do day-to-day.

What were your favorite and least favorite parts about your own pregnancy?

I loved feeling my baby kick! It was like he was saying "Hey mom, I'm okay and I'm looking forward to meeting you!". 

My least favorite part of pregnancy was towards the end.  I became a little breathless. Ashton was a big baby and I had a previous back injury so it put my ribs and back under pressure.

Do you find it hard to continue to ‘implement and maintain’, as detailed in your book?

Not at all. Everything in the book is applicable to real life so it's maintainable. Confidence is something all of us are born with but over time it gets shaken out of us. My job as an author was to show people how to get their confidence back. As such readers feel capable of implementing everything. All the physical aspects of the book are totally doable for any woman. Remember, I had a back injury and epilepsy, which I still have, and I easily manage to implement and maintain the book content. Feeling and looking amazing is not about faking confidence or fad dieting. I learned that years ago. It's about balance and giving yourself the permission to be the best you can be.

Did you consult with a lot of other mothers during this process or was it mostly online research and talking to doctors?

I did it all. I have lots of female relatives so I spoke with them, I spoke with friends, I spoke with any mom I could find, doctors, researchers, online information, etc. and I drew on my own experience and knowledge.

Are you interested in writing a second book, continuing your advice, as you and your son get older?

Yes. I will have a new book out at the end of the year/early Spring about confidence. It is applicable to both men and women and, even if I do say so myself, it's a great practical read!

Out of the recipes you provided, which is your favorite?

The easiest! haha I love the Born to be Beautiful beauty smoothie. I don't like spending hours in the kitchen cooking so I like recipes that are delicious, nutritious and don't take long to make.

Which part of your plan do you feel is most important?

The emotional part. Without happiness you have nothing. Yes, I show people how to get a great healthy body, but there's no use in having that if you don't feel good about yourself. As such, I show people HOW to feel happy and have solid confidence. Many books don't show the How to and in my option that's essential. Born to be Beautiful is very much a How to practical book.

Who, do you think will benefit from this book the most, and have you had any positive feedback from women who have actively engaged in the plan?

I am confident that any mother-to-be/mother will benefit from this book. However, women in general will also benefit hugely from reading it. And to be honest if a man was to read the first few chapters they'd get something valuable out of it that would enhance his life.


Donna's book Born to be Beautiful is in all good bookshops now. You can also order it directly from us here!