Mental Health Awareness Week

October 5 – 11 is Mental Health Awareness Week, dedicated to educating and increasing awareness about mental illness. Organizations worldwide will be focusing on creating honest dialogue about mental illness and removing stigma surrounding it.

Dr Harry Barry, a medical doctor based in Co. Louth, has particular experience in dealing with depression, addiction, and anxiety. He is a regular contributor to national media outlets such as the Irish Independent and RTÉ. He is the director of the depression support organisation Aware. Dr Barry's Flagging Series includes five books about mental health and includes information on recognising the signs of a variety of mental illnesses and steps to treatment and recovery. He provides support not only for sufferers of mental illnesses but for their friends and families as well.

Dr Barry's most recent book Flagging the Screenager  written with Enda Murphy focuses on guiding teenagers through adolescence in an era dominated by screens. The book touches on many mental health issues concerning teenagers, including schizophrenia, the focus of this year's World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

Co-author Enda Murphy's latest book, Five Steps to Happiness, isolates five modes of behavior and discusses how to change them in order to overcome mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he utilises case studies to give advice free from psychobabble to those in need of help and their families. For more information, click here.

"Having read Flagging the Problem, I now have a much better understanding of why Niall died. This book is written in very simple terms, exploring the complex nature of depression and suicidal tendencies. It is a ‘must read’ for every parent, informing them of the tell-tale warning signs of depression and suicide." – John, father of Niall, who died by suicide in 2002

Click here for more information on Dr Barry's program Aware and here to purchase The Little Book of Christmas Memories, an uplifting collection of stories centered on memories of Christmases past with contributions from some of Ireland’s best-loved writers, including Roddy Doyle, Alice Taylor, Colum McCann, Sinéad Moriarty and John Boyne. All author royalties from this collection will be donated to Aware.