Bring Your Own Stories!

Keep your diaries free for an event happening later this evening in the Martcade in Rathmines, brought to you by the Dublin Independent Publishers, as detailed in our Events page (take a look!)

Readers from Liberties Press include authors Daniel Seery, Tara West, and Jason Johnson. From our friends and fellow indie publishers  Lilliput PressTramp PressSwan River PressLittle Island, and New Island Books, we have authors Rob Doyle, Deirdre Sullivan, Sam Coll, Bryan J. Showers, and writers Anna Laerke Byrne alongside spoken word champ John Cummins and more! Don't forget to check out our friends at The Salvage Press!

We've published some teasers below of some of the great books featured this evening.

Featured Liberties Press Authors

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Daniel Seery A Model Partner

"'People think they're fussy at choosing a mate but it's not true,' Tom blabbers. 'You see, the female panda is only in her reproductive cycle for about five days. Now, I'm not saying that women have the same reproductive cycle as a panda or anything like that, but what I'm saying is that it's mad that a male can find a female in the wild in that space of time, while she's still fertile, ye know. But it happens. And it happens because for those few days he knows exactly what she wants and so it happens. And what's what I'm doing. But in a slightly different way.'"

Tara West Poets are Eaten as a Delicacy in Japan

"I checked my reflection before setting off for the restaurant. My shit was still together, in a Barbie-attends-a-business-meeting-in-the-Underworld kind of way. Patricia had more problems covering the shadows under my eyes than the fading bruise, and donated more sleeping tablets when I asked. She looked uncertain though, and advised me to see my own doctor, if only for my skin's sake.

Jason Johnson Sinker

"But I can drink perfectly, I can use alcohol repeatedly, way much more so than you, and I can make my way home afterwards. Ask in any bar anywhere, and someone there will admire that extraordinary quality of mine. They would shake my hand if they could. They would buy me a drink if they could. It's all written down in my constitution, article one: I can drink like a legend. Some people can paint, some can hold their breath, some can look like they are carved from marble. I can drink like a nation. I can drink like it's going out of fashion. I can drink like there's no tomorrow. But I have to stop if you punch me in the stomach"