You've chosen a book, now how about a card...

This post will be given over to showcasing some of the lovely Irish designed and made cards that we have begun to stock in Liberties Upstairs. We now have two card suppliers on board, Paperbear and Colin Eaton and we plan to add more in the coming weeks. Liberties Upstairs will be stocking a variety of designs and with a range of price tags to suit different pockets and occasions.

Here's a few of the new faces from Paperbear:

A Box of Paperbears

Close-up Bears

And some of Colin Eaton's handmade, numbered and signed cards:

Handmade by Colin
Cards n' Books

Colin Eaton cards
Four Gorgeous Designs

We've chosen a selection of designs from our new suppliers and we hope to keep ringing the changes as time goes on. Don't forget to let us know if you have any thoughts about card occasions and themes that you'd like to see us stocking at Liberties Upstairs.