Our First Book Launch of the Year: A Model Partner

We're looking forward to our first book launch of the year next week. Daniel Seery's debut novel A Model Partner launches at the Gutter Bookshop in Dublin with Colin Barrett doing the honours. Daniel will read from his 'intelligent, funny, often hilarious, and sometimes surreal' novel. No doubt wine will be consumed and conversations had too, making for a very pleasant evening all round. Bob Johnston's Gutter Bookshop is a great place to hold a launch and we're happy to be returning.

A Model Partner Invitation

Here's a snatch from our press release to give you a brief taste of A Model Partner:

Tom Stacey has moved into his neighbour’s bedsit. He wasn’t asked. It was just that the door was open and his neighbours have gone on holiday. And it is so much bigger than his own bedsit. Plus, he has a lot to think about these days. The bees for one. He hasn’t seen any but he keeps hearing them, buzzing in the fridge at work, in the overhead lights, in the test equipment in the factory where he has spent the last fifteen years of his working life. They seem to be getting louder and more insistent, and they are beginning to affect the way he goes about his business.
Then there is his search for Sarah McCarthy to worry about. Sarah was his first love when, as a teenager, he travelled around the country in the back of a horsebox with his grieving grandfather. But perhaps it is not the bees or the past which is the problem. Perhaps it is his ongoing loneliness. Twenty-two dates with Happy Couples dating agency and nothing to show bar a dent in his bank balance and several complaints about ‘eccentric behaviour’. Relationships are all about the details and there are just not enough boxes to tick in the Agency’s personal profile form.
Armed with a wax model and a list of criteria, Tom sets out on a quest to create a personal profile to find his ideal match. On his journey, he meets people just like him, warm but unable to show it, lonely and unable to remedy it, the lost, the misplaced and the damaged.

A Model Partner has already been favourably reviewed (the quote above was taken from Niamh Boyce's review) and promises to be a successful first novel from the Irish Writers' Centre Novel Fair winner. We wish Daniel every good luck with his novel and future endeavours.

Don't forget to get in touch if you would like to attend the book launch. Also check out the link above to Daniel Seery's blog where he recently interviewed our graphic designer Karen Vaughan about her work with book covers.

Look out next week for pictures from the event...