Christmas at Liberties Upstairs

Christmas has definitely arrived here in Terenure as we put out copies of our new Christmas title, The Little Book of Christmas Memories on our seasonal display. The new book forms the centrepiece of our gift selection in Liberties Upstairs, flanked by new releases Whistleblower Soldier Spy (Tom Clonan), Something of Myself and Others (Mary Kenny), From the Press Box (Peter Byrne) and Alternative Ulsters (Mark Carruthers).

Our Christmas Table

Christmas Memories contains stories from a whole plethora of talented Irish writers and the author royalties are all to be donated to Aware. Among the writers included are Bethany Dawson, Roddy Doyle, Colum McCann, Declan Burke, Mary Costello and Christine Dwyer Hickey to name but a few. Here is a snatch of memory from McCann:

There are no days more full than those we go back to. All those Christmases collide into each other and my memory is decorated by a series of mirrors flashing light into chambers of sound and colour - the blue of the sky (even when it wasn't blue, it seemed blue), the briquettes sparking red-layered on the fire, the crinkling of the ridiculous yellow paper hats at dinner time...

The collection begins with Sebastian Barry and the story of how his mother made a last minute dash to the shops for the Christmas dinner after his father failed to bring home the bacon so to speak:

We find a lighted shop, it is a cluttered little place, and in it she discovers the last plum pudding in Ireland. With directions from the startled man behind the counter, we go to a famished butchers shop, and she nearly falls upon the breast of the last turkey in Ireland. The ham must be foregone. The lights are going off all over Dunleary.

I hope that has whetted your appetite for The Little Book of Christmas Memories and don't forget that you can call in to us at Liberties Upstairs for a spot of Christmas shopping. We'll be happy to help with your selection.