'Singing Friday' in Liberties Upstairs

Do you ever get that feeling? You know the one I mean; when you know you want something to read, but don't know exactly what you're looking for on the bookshop shelves? Well I was doing just that a little while ago, browsing our shelves at Liberties Upstairs for something to read at the weekend. As I trawled the fiction section I came across Carmen Cullen's Two Sisters Singing which we published in April of this year

The story is set in 1940s Ireland which appealed to me straight away and as I read the blurb on the back I decided that Two Sisters Singing will be my weekend read. See what you think:
'Disturbing yet heart-warming'

Surrounded by the beauty of her native Mayo, eighteen-year-old Lily dreams of being a famous singer on the London stage – but her parents have planned a more normal life for her, pursuing a degree in UCD. However, leaving home also means leaving a passionate romance with a handsome, visiting American named Theo. Once in Dublin, secrets and betrayal abound when Lily’s sister Moyra begins a relationship with Theo and Lily’s Aunt Terry, a nun, appears to be harbouring a hidden past. As Moyra’s relationship with Theo turns grim, she desperately needs her sister’s support to keep tragedy at bay. But, still longing to perform, Lily finds herself at a crossroads in life. 

Disturbing yet heart-warming, critical yet nostalgic, Carmen Cullen delivers a convincing portrayal of both the warmth and the wrath of 1940s Ireland. Never flinching from the savage social impact of the Church’s power, Cullen’s writing also conveys the charming and simplistic quality of the time, as reflected in the lines of classic Irish ballads, particularly those by the author’s iconic aunt, Delia Murphy. This heartfelt and bitter sweet story is a stirring evocation of a bygone era. 

In flicking though the book I came across snatches of songs and ballads such as 'It was down by the Glenside, I met an old woman' and 'On your green banks I'll wander where first I did join, with you lovely Molly, the Rose of Mooncoin'. I'm looking forward to reading the book, but I'll be wishing that I knew all of the words to the songs! I'll just have to hum (tunelessly) along to Lily.

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Have a good weekend!