Just In: Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy: A Journey into the Dark Heart of Global Terror

We've been putting copies of Tom Clonan's new book Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy out on the shelves at Liberties Upstairs today. In this book the former Irish soldier continues the memoir that he began in Blood, Sweat and Tears (published by Liberties in 2012):
'The Dark Heart of the War on Terror'

'In a journey that begins and ends in Ireland, Tom Clonan takes us from Shannon Airport, to Iraq, Syria and Guantanamo Bay, detailing the personal and professional aspects of serving in the Irish Armed Forces. Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy is about more than the details of the Global War on Terror: it is a courageous, first-hand account of life on and off duty, confronting the dark secrets as well as the power of love in the fight against the threat of terrorism.

About the Book: Captain Tom Clonan’s odyssey begins as an Irish army officer in war-torn Lebanon and Bosnia. As a soldier, he witnesses the brutality and squalor of war in the conflict zones of the Middle East and Central Europe. On his return to peacetime Ireland, he is forced to confront the dark secret at the heart of the Irish Armed Forces, including the systematic sexual harassment of Irish women soldiers. 

Over a million US troops have taken part in the Global War on Terror. Most take their first steps on that journey at Shannon Airport. Thousands return in sealed coffins. From Shannon Airport, to Iraq, Syria and Guantanamo Bay – Clonan’s exploration of this world war begins, and ends, in Ireland.

Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy charts Clonan’s progression from soldier to academic and journalist and offers an honest and vivid account of life on and off duty. Clonan writes of his own personal hardships, coming to terms with the loss of a precious daughter and the struggle to protect a son in ill health. 

It is a testimony to conflict, global and personal, and of the importance of moral courage. It is a book which ultimately affirms the power of love in the fight against the forces of destruction.'
Hodges Figgis in Dawson St will be hosting the launch of Tom Clonan's book on Wednesday 20 November at 6.30pm. Fintan O'Toole, Literary Editor of the Irish Times will be doing the honours at the launch. If you would like to come along to the event then please contact us at info@libertiespress.com or call us on +353 (0) 1 405 5741.
And don't forget that if you want a copy of Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy but can't manage to get to the launch you will be able to pick up a copy at Liberties Upstairs. 
Have a great weekend!