Announcing ‘Liberties Upstairs’

On Monday, after much strenuous shifting of shelving, we opened up a new pop-up shop in our first floor offices, called appropriately enough Liberties Upstairs. We will be selling all of our available titles at discounted prices so why not call ‘upstairs’ to see us?
Books Galore!

The shop will be open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Please look in for a browse and to say ‘hi’ to us book-ish types in Liberties Upstairs. You never know, you may find just the biography or novel to tempt you into some early Christmas shopping. Failing that you might simply spot a gift to treat yourself (we promise that we won’t tell anyone if you do). If you need a bit of help choosing then we will be on hand to help you make your selection from our great range of titles.  
Some Great Gift Ideas

The shop is still a work in progress but here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what we have been up to recently. We will have plenty of backlist titles on our shelves (Garret Fitzgerald’s memoirs for instance) as well as new titles such as Mark Carruthers’ Alternative Ulsters (9781907593956) all hot off the press for our retail customers. Please note that our new titles will also be sold at special Liberties Upstairs discounted prices so don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to snap up a bargain.
A Cosy Corner

In the future we plan to incorporate quality Irish craft items and we’ll keep you posted on those and other developments. Meanwhile, call in and grab a chair and make yourself at home!