Last week Liberties Press welcomed Aisling, a Transition Year student, for work experience. It was a pleasure to have her here helping us out! Upon leaving she was kind enough to write a few words letting us know how she got on ......
I've spent the last week carrying out my Transition Year work experience in Liberties Press.

I chose to apply for work experience here primarily because I love books and writing. Liberties Press was recommended to me through a friend of a friend of a friend who had done work experience here while in college. She highly commended the friendliness of the staff, and the general good feeling of the establishment. I have to completely agree.
I was welcomed very warmly and entrusted with a wide range of proper jobs, as opposed to the perhaps traditional role associated with some work experiences of making coffee etc.
During my time here, I've looked at many different aspects of publishing; a considerable amount of which I had no idea the significance or even presence of previously. Over the week I've written press releases, read and summarised some submissions that came in to the company, done some research on the contributors of newly published book, updated company contact lists and written a blog advertising new novels.  
I've really enjoyed my time here in Liberties Press. I feel that I've now got a grasp (however small)  on the working world. Even trivial things like navigating my way here and back on the bus every day, being a bit more assertive and taking a bit more responsibility for my own practical learning in asking "What can I do to help?", have been a really positive results of my week.
I have learned quite a bit about what publishing would be like as a career, but even more about what a career would be like.
I am so grateful for the opportunity of carrying out my work experience here and to everyone at Liberties Press!
All the best,