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Echoland by Joe Joyce tells the story of Paul Duggan, a young lieutenant in the British Army, living in Dublin during the Second World War. Drafted to the army's intelligence division and given a suspected German spy to investigate. Duggan is soon enduring more complications than anticipated when he is distracted by his uncle's request to help him find his missing daughter. Described as "an addictive thriller that will keep you glued to the page, right through to its heart-pounding finale", Echoland is certainly a must-read.

Poets Are Eaten As A Delicacy In Japan is the celebrated second fiction book of Tara West. The novel starts with thirty-year-old Tommie Shaw and her sister Georgie inspecting a newspaper article, revealing that their estranged mother is about to expose the family's sordid history in a scandalous new memoir. Full of hilarious black comedy, as the sisters attempt to control their mother, whilst barely containing their own panic. This novel is rich in comedy and unforgettable characters. Poets Are Eaten As A Delicacy In Japan is a calamitous scramble through modern life and ultimately a story about facing fears and moving on. Tara West has been described as "a fabulous new talent."
Travelling Companion, by Virginia Gilbert, is a taunt psychological thriller that conducts the study of how ordinary people commit appalling acts, and how horrific happening can grow from trivial misunderstandings. What starts of as an expected normal, but relaxing holiday on a Greek island,
 Rob and Georgie, a couple trying to reconnect, cross paths with Michael, an introverted man suffering from conflicting emotions. Being increasingly drawn to Georgie, Michael, overwhelmed by a fantasy life, initiates a plan with devastating consequences for all.
The Ballad of Mo & G by Billy Keane, describes a dysfunctional relationship between Mo and G, two characters living in an unnamed town in the southwest of Ireland. In this novel, Billy Keane tackles living life on the edge with a sharp yet compassionate view, and extreme black humour. "Dark, often disturbing and utterly absorbing... Billy Keane has entered a tough world and handled it with great skill and humanity. It is also a love story for our time." This novel portrays complex themes and characters and is described as "an assured report from Ireland's post-boom underbelly by a supremely talented author."
All of these novels have been published by Liberties Press.
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