Liz Cowley talks romance!

Liz Cowley, author of newly published 'And Guess Who He Was With?' talks romance with Liberties Press

'And Guess Who He Was With?' has both soft and cynical poems. Where do you see yourself in terms of these characteristics?

Definitely bang in the middle. I can be tough but very sympathetic; especially towards people with marriage difficulties. I avoid being acrid − mild digs are more my style!

What is your favourite romantic go-to novel?

For a very different reason than you might think − Wuthering Heights. It was so unusual for someone of that time to write about this kind of relationship. I particularly admire how romantic but also how deeply cruel and shocking it can be. Anna Karenina would be a close second. The book is a soaring masterpiece but I don't think that the movie compares at all.

Do you have a favourite love poem?

'Music When Soft Voices Die' by Percy Bysshe Shelley  is my favourite: 
                "Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
                Live within the sense they quicken."

I also love Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'How do I love thee'.

Do you think there's too much pressure surrounding Valentine's Day or are you a fan?

Absolutely, it's hideous! In particular for people who don't have dates. And it's embarrassing and expensive for those that do − especially the blokes!

How will you be spending your Valentine's Day? 

I'll actually be on RTÉ Radio 1's Arena between 7pm and 8pm, chatting about my new poetry book.

What's the most romantic that you've ever done for someone or someone has done for you?

There are a couple of romantic gestures that people have done for me...

On our second date, my ex-husband posted a pack of cigarettes through my letterbox at 6am and each cigarette had a romantic sentence or phrase on it. The whole time we were together I didn't smoke them. But on the day he was leaving, I smoked the entire pack... in front of him!

Also, my husband, Donough − again on a second date − asked me to go on the Orient Express with him. We went to Venice but what I didn't realise was that he was a train fanatic, so it was really all for him!

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Don't forget to tune into RTÉ Radio 1's Arena tonight and hear Liz read from and chat about her new poetry book 'And Guess Who He Was With?'