Liberties Press welcomes a Transition Year student to the team!

Liberties Press had the pleasure of working with Transition Year student, Lauren Costello this week. Read Lauren's account of her time with us! 

On Monday morning, when I got off the bus, I couldn't have been more nervous to start my work experience at Liberties Press. I had heard horror stories of bad work experience from my friends who spent their entire two weeks making coffee in an office and learning nothing. 

However, looking back on how nervous I was is now quite funny. Straight away I felt welcomed and part of the humble team, even if my role was tiny and very short-term - from going through submissions of unpublished work, to learning about publicising new titles and finally to writing a piece for the blog. 

My week here has broadened my knowledge on the world of publishing and has made me think about working with it in the future. I would like to come back for more experience in Liberties Press in the future (if they can stand to have me back, that is!).

I had a wonderful time here and I didn't have to make coffee once!