National Poetry Day: Infidelities & Balances by Moyra Donaldson


After he'd gone,
she found money in the sheets,
fallen when he pulled his trousers off.
Gathering the coins into a small pile,
she set them on the window ledge.
They sat, gathering dust, guilt,
until one day her husband
scooped them into his pocket.
Small change for a call 
he couldn't make from the house.

Moyra Donaldson
from Snakeskin Stilettos



It is the longest day,
the orange sunset on the black horizon balances
the orange moon rising through black clouds;
one horse is the shadow of the other, light
and dark are in my heart; I am equidistant
from north and south, east and west.
Three hundred and sixty degrees
I have surrounded myself with guardians:
gods and dragon dogs and multitudes of birds.
The wind still worries at me though;
it comes from all directions, changeable,
finding every crack in my defences,
laying low all manner of things, my rest,
my senses, my delicate blossoms - 
I will plant only what can survive.

Moyra Donaldson
from Miracle Fruit

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