Liberties Press Statement: When We Dance by Melanie Verwoerd


When We Dance: A Memoir
by Melanie Verwoerd

Liberties Press is naturally very pleased with today’s decision by the Courts. We are – and have always been – extremely proud to have published When We Dance. Melanie Verwoerd has lived a remarkable life thus far, and it was that life as a whole that drew us to her, and her story. Contrary to reports, this is not a biography of Gerry Ryan or a book centred on their relationship, but the story of her life: from her childhood in South Africa’s Afrikaner heartland, to her involvement with the ANC, and her work in Ireland as South African ambassador and head of UNICEF Ireland.

As is natural in a memoir, When We Dance also delves into Melanie’s personal relationships in her life thus far; from those within her family, to her first husband Wilhelm, and Gerry Ryan. These are all treated in a genuine and heart-felt manner. It is a moving, refreshingly honest and often humorous memoir, and we look forward to people now having the opportunity to read and form their own opinions on the book in its entirety. We would like to acknowledge those who have stood up for Melanie’s right to tell her story; their support was, and is, deeply appreciated.

When We Dance will be back on the shelves of the country’s bookshops as soon as possible and is available immediately through our website with next day delivery throughout Ireland.

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