The launch of Slaughter's Hound by Declan Burke

Missed last night's launch of Slaughter's Hound by Declan Burke? Never fear! We've pictures and video clips to make you feel better. 

Hodges Figgis' window, displaying not one, but THREE books by the excellent Declan Burke!

The podium, flanked by Slaughter's Hound, Eightball Boogie, and the award-winning Absolute Zero Cool

Declan with fellow Liberties Press author, Joe Murphy (Dead Dogs, 1798)

Slaughter's Hound - A Harry Rigby Mystery

Liam, from Hodges Figgis, kicking off the formalities

Declan saying a few words before beginning his readings...

The crime writer line-up: Alan Glynn, Declan Burke, Arlene Hunt, John Connolly

Another crime writer Kevin McCarthy with Declan!

And now for some videos of Declan reading...

"Everything you could want - action, suspense, character and setting, all floating on the easy lyricism of a fine writer at the top of his game." 
Lee Child on Slaughter's Hound