Autumn 2012 Lead Title Announcement

We're delighted to announce the following four titles as part of our Autumn 2012 List:

When We Dance: A Memoir 
by Melanie Verwoerd

When We Dance is a fascinating account of the life of a woman who played a major role in South Africa’s journey from apartheid to democracy, and went on to become South African ambassador to Ireland and head of UNICEF Ireland. The book takes the reader on a remarkable journey through Melanie’s life, from her upbringing in South Africa’s Afrikaner heartland, to her involvement with the ANC, her election as an MP, and her work in Ireland as South African ambassador and Executive Director of UNICEF Ireland. She also writes candidly – and movingly – about her relationship with the late RTÉ presenter Gerry Ryan. Astonishingly and refreshingly honest, When We Dance is a heart-felt and often humorous memoir, with foreword from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

€17.99 | 10 OCTOBER 2012


Baby Ava: An Irish Surrogacy Story
by Caroline and Niall O'Flaherty

Baby Ava tells the story of two parents’ struggle to conceive, beginning with Caroline’s life-threatening illness and covering their journey to a surrogacy clinic in India, the birth of their daughter by a surrogate mother, and their subsequent battle with the authorities to get an Irish passport for little Ava.  

€14.99 | 18 OCTOBER 2012


Blood, Sweat and Tears: The True Story of an Irish Soldier in Lebanon 
by Tom Clonan

Refreshingly honest and open story of Tom Clonan’s time spent in the Irish Army, in particular a tour of duty to the Lebanon in the 90s. In-depth retelling of events and consequences for those soldiers, personally as well as professionally, and the toll these tours took. 

€17.99 | 6 NOVEMBER 2012


A Perfect Heart: My Story
by John Healy 

Celebrity maître d’ John Healy is renowned as an unflappable, entertaining authority; the fact that he is so positive is testament to his character given his remarkable life story. Given the many struggles he has faced in his childhood and adult years, John’s story is one of triumph over adversity, and a lesson to all in positivity.

€14.99 | 13 NOVEMBER 2012