Dr Harry Barry on 'Ireland's Depression Epidemic'

The first of Ray Darcy’s three part documentary ‘Ireland’s Depression Epidemic’ aired on TV3 last Tuesday and Liberties Press author Dr Harry Barry was one of the medical experts discussing the issue of depression along with Professor Jim Lucey and Dr Tony Bates. He spoke about the importance of distinguishing between emotional depression and depression the illness. Every one feels low sometimes, but the experts say that if you feel constantly low for two weeks or more, then you are clinically depressed. You might lose interest in food, sex and your drive for life in general isn’t what it used to be.  Dr Barry explained how depression is not just a glitch, it’s a genuine illness and one in four people will suffer some kind of mental illness in their lifetime. One in five will experience a depressive disorder and four out of ten women will experience post natal depression. This kind of depression can occur up to two years after the birth of a child so it is important not to dismiss it if you are feeling low around this time.

Dr Barry made the point that men don’t tend to look for help, they think about it themselves but they aren’t able to mix emotions and logic the same way as women. The important thing to do if you think you might be depressed is to learn about your condition, try and get as much information as you can and this way you are better prepared to deal with the condition.

The next part of this three part documentary will be aired on TV3 Tuesday 19th June at 10pm so make sure to tune in! You can watch the first episode here!

Dr Barry is the author of the 'Flagging Series'.