One year later: Dr Garret FitzGerald remembered...

'Garret was the Renaissance man of our time. His thoughtful writing, distinctive voice and probing intellect all combined to make him one of our national treasures.' Former President Mary McAleese

This Saturday (19th) marks the one year anniversary of Dr Garret FitzGerald's death. Former Taoiseach and beloved statesman, Dr FitzGerald remained fully engaged with Irish society and politics until the very end of his life. During his long and illustrious career he worked tirelessly to promote peace between Ireland and Britain and it is poignant that his passing coincided with Queen Elizabeth II's visit to our island. 

We are proud to have published the writings of Dr FitzGerald in Ireland in the World: Further Reflections and his 2010 autobiography Just Garret. Both are a wonderful testimony to his rich and varied life as well as to the legacy he has left.

The new and revised edition of Just Garret, released in November 2011, features numerous, previously unpublished, photographs, Father Enda McDonagh's eulogy, given at Garret's funeral, and a reflection by Garret on his beloved wife Joan. It also includes an epilogue by his daughter Mary and is a personal account of the public and private lives of this much-missed and admired man. 

One year on we remember Dr FitzGerald as columnist, economist, politician, statesman, and national treasure and echo Father McDonagh's eulogy, when he said, 
"...Garret is, as far we are concerned, unfinished business. By that I mean we have still to learn what he set out to do, what he achieved, what he failed to do."