Happy International Women's Day!

 Happy International Women's Day, Liberties Press Friends! 
And on this day when we celebrate women for their economic, political and social achievements (as well as celebrating women in general!), here's to a few of the wonderful women writers at Liberties Press!

Julieann Campbell is the author of Setting The Truth Free: The Inside Story of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign. The niece of Jackie Duddy (the first to be killed on that day) and a member of the Bloody Sunday Trust, Julieann has penned the remarkable story of a thirty-nine year campaign which ended in a universal declaration of innocence for those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday. Julieann was recently elected Vice-Chair of the Bloody Sunday Trust, the first woman to fill the role!

Lara Marlowe is the author of Painted With Words and also The Things I've Seen: Nine Lives of a Foreign Correspondent. As the titles of these two books suggest, Lara leads a rich and varied life. Her most recent book - Painted With Words - celebrates the artistry of France and Ireland as well as Lara's 'breathtaking writing'. The Things I've Seen is a collection of stories from Lara's time as a journalist in the Middle East, the Balkans, France and the US. She is currently the Washington Correspondent for The Irish Times.

Leland Bardwell is a renowned novelist, playwright and poet. After celebrating her 90th birthday last month, Leland revealed in an interview with the Sligo Champion that she is still writing, saying, “I do keep at the poems, although I don’t have the same, what do you say 'viva'." We are inclined to side with the interviewer when she said those who know the passionate lady would disagree. With Liberties Press, Leland is the author of A Restless Life: A Memoir and Girl on a Bicycle.

Liz Ryan is the author of French Leave: An Irishwoman's Adventures in Normandy. Released last Spring, French Leave chronicled Liz's decade living in Normandy and finished with a plea to the readers to help her decide whether to remain or return 'home' to Ireland. In September 2011, Liz decided to stay in Normandy, enjoying 'la belle vie'. Liz still makes us wildly jealous by posting regularly on the French Leave Facebook Page. 

Elizabeth Wassell is the author of Sustenance as well as Dangerous Pity. Elizabeth also lives in France, with her husband John Montague, and continues to write. Sustenance was borne out of Elizabeth's love of good food and fine wines; fellow author Christine Dwyer Hickey called it 'a fine novel that will awaken your apetite for food, for love and above all, for good writing'. 

Just a snippet of the women writers at Liberties Press, but I'm sure you'll agree, lots to celebrate!

To find out more about all of our authors go to www.LibertiesPress.com

Happy International Women's Day!