Setting The Truth Free: A month of publicity for author Julieann Campbell

January 2012 saw the release of Setting The Truth Free: The Inside Story of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign by Julieann Campbell. Released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, Setting The Truth Free records and commemorates the long journey to justice walked by the victims of Bloody Sunday and their families. 

In promoting the book, author Julieann - a journalist for The Derry Journal and the niece of Jackie Duddy who died on that day - blazed the publicity trail, giving interviews to TV and radio. 

It all kicked off on Friday 20th January when Julieann was part of a guest panel on The Late Late Show (RTÉ One) with Ryan Tubridy. Along with fellow panelists, Eamon McCann and Peter Taylor, Julieann chatted about what it felt like to be present on the day of the Saville Report's release, recalling the 'electric' atmosphere and the sense that they were taking part in history. Ryan also chatted to members of the families present in the audience, including Kay Duddy (Julieann's aunt), Tony Doherty, Alana Burke, and John Kelly. Bishop Edward Daly also contributed via video link; with a picture of Jackie Duddy ever-present in the background, Bishop Daly shared his memories of that terrible day and the role he was left to play as a result.
Ryan Tubridy with the panel - Eamon McCann, Julieann Campbell, Peter Taylor - and Bishop Daly in the background
The following Monday (23rd January) Julieann returned to RTÉ for an interview with Claire Byrne and Dáithí Ó Sé on The Daily Show (RTÉ One). Without the panel, the interview was solely about Julieann and the remarkable story she has told in Setting The Truth Free. Claire and Dáithí talked to Julieann at length about what it was like to grow up 'in the shadow of Bloody Sunday' as well as to write the stories of that day and the thirty-nine year campaign which followed.

After her national TV appearances, Julieann focused on the three launches ahead! 

First in Derry: 

Then in Dublin:

And finally in London:

You can read more about the wonderful launches in an earlier blog post by clicking here.

Julieann was also interviewed on The Morning Show with Declan Meehan (East Coast FM), Phantom Feedback with Muireann O'Connell (Phantom 105.2), The Mark Patterson Show with Mark Patterson (BBC Ulster, Radio Foyle), The Keith Finnegan Show with Keith Finnegan (Galway Bay FM), and Morning Mix with Alan Corcoran (South East Radio). 

Setting The Truth Free also featured in multiple national and regional print, including The Derry Journal, The Irish Times, Irish Independent and The Sunday Business Post.

Setting The Truth Free "is the story of ordinary people doing quite extraordinary things, over decades, in the face of scepticism, internal dissension, popular opposition and snubs from people in high places in church and state. Campbell has produced a remarkably moving account of events as they unfold, all the more valuable because it brings on to the stage those wounded on the day, who tend to have been excluded from the general narrative, and the families who have suffered so much. She recounts a lengthy struggle against the odds, a tribute to the courage and persistence of the survivors. But more than an act of piety, it is important as social history, a study of the destructive impact of violent events on families and communities, of the dynamics of a voluntary organisation and as a handbook for lobbyists." MAURICE HAYES, IRISH INDEPENDENT
"Campbell's best read as a heartfelt tribute to the bereaved, filled with poignant details such as the uneaten Mars bar that Kathleen Kelly kept all her life in memory of her son Michael, 17. The ghosts of Bloody Sunday will never be fully at rest. Thanks to books such as these, they can at least sleep a little more peacefully." ANDREW LYNCH, THE SUNDAY BUSINESS POST
 Congratulations, Julieann!