Liberties Press Team Building!

I don't know what you were doing last Friday or if you remember the weather, but if you do, you'll remember that we awoke to the loveliest and crispest of autumn days. It was the perfect start to the Liberties Press team building day in Glendalough and although the weather did not stay so favourable we all had a wonderful time!

Before I share some pictures from the day I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce you to the Liberties Press Team!
Sean O'Keeffe - Publisher

Daniel Bolger - Editorial Manager

 Clara Phelan - Assistant Editor
Caroline Lambe - Publicity and Marketing Manager
Alice Dawson - Publicity and  Marketing Assistant
Starting out!
Our team building day started in Glendalough with a mid-morning hike. If you want to know what sitting in front of an office computer all day every day does to you, spend your Friday hiking up a mountain! Despite finding out we're not as fit as we thought we were and a few rainy patches, the spectacular views and a pit-stop picnic made it all worth it! 

The view from (almost) the top!
A little grey but still beautiful!
Meeting some deer along the way...
Enjoying some downhill

Even rain couldn't spoil our day!
Arguably the best part of the team building day was the laughter and chat over dinner and drinks in our quaint hotel in Laragh. A weary bunch, it was comfort food in steak and chips all round! Thank you to Seán for a very enjoyable 'work' day!

If a hike doesn't motivate you perhaps this will...?

The first thing you see upon entering Lynams Hotel in Laragh!