Happy All Ireland Poetry Day!

In its beginning
the truth of poetry is a light,
yet no mere spark of a moment,

From 'The truth of poetry' by Michael D. Higgins

Today is All Ireland Poetry Day!

Poetry events are taking place all over the island of Ireland, with at least one event in every county from north to south! Poetry Ireland has a lovely listing of these events which can be found here

It is a beautiful crisp autumn day. Why not spend it listening to, reading, or even writing poetry?

During Summer 2011 we were delighted to launch the Liberties Press poetry imprint with the publication of New and Selected Poems by Michael D. Higgins. This was quickly followed by the publication of  Poems by Maurice Craig

Therefore, we are especially excited about this celebratory day and in honour of it are selling New and Selected Poems and Poems at a special All Ireland Poetry Day price!

New and Selected Poems is €14.99. Buy it online today for €12.99! To order click here.

Signed by the author copies of New and Selected Poems are also available at the reduced price of €12.99! To order click here.

Poems is €19.99. Buy it online today for €16.99! To order click here.

Now that an early frost
Crinkles the crackling leaves 
Down at the lake's edge,
The earth in an iron ridge 
Holds hard, no longer keeps
A print where she has past.

From 'Autumn song' by Maurice Craig