"A deep and poignant reflection..." The Sunday Independent on Michael D. Higgins' New and Selected Poems

In The Sunday Independent (17.07.11) Journalist Jerome Reilly wrote about Michael D. Higgins' latest poetry collection New and Selected Poems.

Reilly described it as a "bitter remembrance of his [Michael D's] childhood and his enduring guilt about the day he had to bring his father to the poorhouse."

He described The Betrayal as a poem which "refers to the most deeply wounding episodes of Michael D's tumultuous upbringing, marked by poverty and bitterness". Michael D writes of a particular incident involving his critically ill father: "My mother felt that my father was very ill, and wrote to me. Soon he was taken to the General Hospital in Ennis. Not dying fast enough, he had to be transferred to St. Joseph's - known by the saint's name - but in common parlance as the poorhouse. And I was to persuade him to go in. And I did. Quietly."

Reilly referred to the collection as "a deep and poignant reflection".

New and Selected Poems is available for purchase from LibertiesPress.com