"Crime writers are lucky to have Declan Burke..." Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb
On Sunday past (03.07.11) popular fiction author Sarah Webb wrote a letter to The Sunday Times in response to Liam Fay's review of Down These Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the 21st Century, which was printed the previous Sunday.

Fay negatively reviewed Down These Green Streets labelling crime writing as clichéd and the collection 'rife with preening, posturing and special pleading, and the air of self-congratulation soon grows stifling.'

Fay then referred to 'the chicklit sisterhood' and warned crime writers against 'aping' them. He said, 'Collectively, the creators of popular women's fiction are a quasi-masonic bunch, an insular club that closes ranks against criticism.'

Webb wrote to refute these claims. She agreed that women writers support each other but declared that that is a strength. She finished by saying, 'Crime writers are lucky to have Declan Burke fighting their corner. I hope, in the future, popular fiction will have its own Burke.'

Thank you for your letter, Sarah.