goodreads gets Short and Sharp with Declan Burke!

Paul D Brazill of goodreads recently conducted a Short Sharp Interview with Liberties author Declan Burke. The interview covers everything from Declan's 'porno film-esque' book titles to him being a Dorian Gray rather than a Benjamin Black or Barry White.

Brazill mentioned Declan's upcoming crime fiction, Absolute Zero Cool (Liberties Press). Declan joked that this title was not aimed at porno stars, but meteorologists! '...Everyone know meteorologists are total dweebs, so I thought I'd add the 'Cool' bit to make them feel better about themselves while reading the novel during their commute.' It's safe to say, however, Absolute Zero Cool is not just for meteorologists with John Banville hailing it 'a genuinely originial take on noir, inventive and funny. Imagine, if you can, a cross between Flann O'Brien and Raymond Chandler.'

Brazill also asked Declan about Down These Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the 21st Century, of which he is an editor. Declan joked about pitching it to John Connolly with 'Hey, John, you know the way there's a whole wave of brilliant Irish crime writers coming through? Wouldn't it be terrific if someone was to put together a book celebrating the fact?'
Jest or not, that is exactly what he did. Down These Green Streets, a unique insight into the phenomenon of Irish crime writing, is available for pre-order now!

Listen to the Short Sharp Interview here!