The 100 Best Gardens In Ireland: Now available for preorder!!

Liberties Press is delighted to announce the publication of The 100 Best Gardens in Ireland, a full-colour, beautifully bound handbook to the greatest and most breathtaking gardens across Ireland, both North and South. Updated and lavishly illustrated, this spring-published guide to Irish gardens is a must-have for gardeners and tourists as well as those lovers of beauty planning their summer outings!

The 100 Best Gardens in Ireland takes readers on an informative, interesting and pictorial tour of some of Ireland’s most spectacular gardens; with hundreds of newly commissioned photographs it is a feast for the eyes! Written by journalist Shirley Lanigan, The 100 Best Gardens in Ireland explores the gardens’ histories, design, flora and fauna, and also includes interviews with owners, curators and gardeners. In addition, it acts as a practical guide, providing information on fees, opening hours, etc and has been designed as a handbook to take around the country whilst visiting these remarkable horticultural sights. Building on Shirley Lanigan’s previous book on Irish gardens, which was hailed as “probably the most comprehensive guide to Irish gardens, North and South, published to date”, The 100 Best Gardens in Ireland is for anyone who can appreciate the very best of Irish gardens, from the truly magnificent and celebrated to the never-before-seen secret gardens.

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