President Obama's visit to Ireland

With the news that US President Barack Obama will be visiting our shores this May, the country seems to have Obama-fever. Liberties Press  were proud to have been the Irish publisher that covered Barack Obama’s extraordinary rise to the  American presidency  in Redemption Song - Barack Obama: From Hope to Reality by Niall Stanage.

The author, Niall Stanage, enjoyed unparalleled access to Obama, including being the only Irish journalist to travel on the candidate’s plane during his presidency campaign.

Barack Obama’s ascent is the most astonishing political story in a generation. From humble beginnings, he has become one of the most charismatic and significant figures in modern American history. Inspiring in his supporters an emotional response of a kind unseen since JFK’s rise to power in the 1960s, he has also drawn enormous international interest in a world hungry for a counter-balance to the Bush years.

Niall Stanage covered every step of the four years when Obama rose from obscurity to become the 44th American president. Through exclusive interviews with some of the new president’s nearest and dearest friends and colleagues, Stanage paints a vivid portrait of the President who will soon grace our shores.

With roots in County Offaly’s Moneygall, President Obama will visit his ancestral hometown during his official visit.  He also has plans to venture to other parts but that is yet to be revealed.

Redemption Song is available from the Liberties Press website for only €11.99. Order online today!