Launch of French Leave!

On Monday night Liberties had the pleasure of launching French Leave: An Irishwoman's Adventures in Normandy by Liz Ryan. This wonderfully witty memoir details Liz's decade in France, the highs and lows, the humorous and the heartbreaking. It also throws out the question, 'Should she stay or should she go?' as Liz asks her readers to help her decide which is 'home'.

The evening began with Seán O'Keeffe, Publisher at Liberties Press, welcoming the crowd that had gathered and praising French Leave as a pleasure to work on, and indeed Liz as a pleasure to work with!

Philip Nolan, who kindly agreed to launch the title and to whom we are very grateful, is one of Liz's former bosses and fained shock at Liz being hailed 'a pleasure to work with'!! However, he went on to launch his friend's memoir with sincerity and warmth. He alluded to Liz's infamous humour but also highlighted how 'in writing a book about France, she has actually written a very good book about Ireland', referring to Liz's ability throughout the book to take somewhat of an outsider's perspective on Ireland as the Celtic Tiger days ended and the dark days of the recession began.

All that was left was for Liz to share a few words, which she did and had us all laughing and selfishly hoping that she chooses to return to Ireland! She graciously thanked those who had helped make the book what it is, including her mother, Lil, who was in the audience.
We are delighted to announce the publication of French Leave and would like to thank Liz and Philip Nolan for last night. Special thanks to The Gutter Bookshop for facilitating another Liberties' launch; the effort Bob and Ann put in to make the evening warm and welcoming is much appreciated, as is the use of their beautiful book shop!

Order French Leave today and then have your say on the French Leave Facebook!

Ireland or France, what do you think?