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Malcolm Orange Disappears, Jan Carson, Liberties Press Becoming Mum, Kate Carbery, Liberties Press The Goose Tree, Moyra Donaldson, Liberties Press
Malcolm Orange Disappears
Our Price: €13.99
The Goose Tree
Our Price: €12.99
Quirky, entertaining and set in a technicolor world of magic realism, Malcolm Orange Disappears is the highly original debut from the uniquely talented pen of Jan Carson. Set in the pacific north-western Portland, Oregon, we follow the heartbreakingly resilient Malcolm Orange and his dysfunctional family as he embarks on a touching adventure to find a cure for disappearing. Becoming Mum is a warm, honest and enormously helpful reference book for new motherhood and mums-to-be. The pages are packed with personal accounts and reassuring advice from dozens of mothers on the often difficult issues associated with childbirth and the early months of motherhood. A must-read for all new & expecting mothers!

Moyra Donaldson has been hailed as ‘engaging, insightful and profoundly moving and speaking with a rare authority’ Whatever the subject matter – be it anatomy, death, life, sex, or the natural world – Moyra Donaldson writes with a keen knowledge of the connection between the private and the public, the past and the present, the local and the universal.
Sinker, Jason Johnson, Liberties Press The Lonesome Road, The Lonesome Road Collected and New Poems 1984–2014, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Liberties Press Thickets Wood, Rebecca Reid, Liberties Press
Our Price: €13.99
Thickets Wood
Our Price: €14.99
"This game is no indulgence - it's endurance." Meet Baker Forley, 27 year old law dropout , as he signs up for the world’s most controversial and deadly sport...professional drinking. Inspired by the complexity of addiction, Sinker is a joyful, blackly comic, irreverent take on a hopeless but changing male drinking culture.
Spanning thirty years, The Lonesome Road encapsulates the incredible range of the poet’s reflection. Gabriel Fitzmaurice is a master of his art and The Lonesome Road is an accessible and unpretentious collection from ‘the best contemporary, traditional, popular poet in English’ Booklist (US). Thickets Wood is a wonderfully dark novel, brimming with suspense and mystery. An exciting new voice from Northern Ireland, author Rebecca Reid, builds the story like a mosaic, throwing up a string of questions that will haunt the readers' minds until the final pages.